Video Or Image Slideshows on Multiple
TVs With Different Content

With Recastio's Multiple TV Account, Enterprise clients can manage multiple TV screens with different content from one user account. Clients can create TV codes from within the user's online dashboard to link the TV with the users dashboard. When they add the Amazon Firestick App to a TV, they can they add the content from within the dashboard. Users can add either demo videos or image slide shows. Qr codes are option on both. Once scanned, the end user will have the contents of the slide on thier phone. If the video was playing, they get to view the video on a mobile webpage, which is auto generated. Our client can easily add text content to the mobile webpage and an external link. A page tracker records the page views by month and the page viewed and can be seen in the dashboard.

As with all technology, the evolution of demo video digital displays is a process that typically includes a few twists and turns, but eventually an optimal solution emerges. And those who get in on the ground floor will find themselves a step ahead of the rank and file. With the Recastio™ app, presenting demo videos immediately establishes a rapport with consumers, which until now has been a challenge for manufacturers.

Manufacturing Remote Video DisplaysTower Industries of Massillon, Ohio using video in their showroom.

Using Videos In Your Showroom

With the addition of video technology, digital TV video displays have endless uses. Static digital displays are already being used in the hospitality and healthcare industries, retail stores, restaurants and more. Recastio is leading the way in remote video display advertising by offering a cloud based video service for manufacturing. Imagine how you could use a video display at a remote showroom location.

The Recastio Manufacturing Video Displays delivers demo videos to any showroom or location in the world

  • Upload up to five videos that will run in a sequence, with sequence repeating endlessly
  • Manage your display anywhere from a laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • Easy to set up and easy to use so you don’t need another IT guy
  • Affordable with several plans to meet your needs

Here’s what a Recastio digital TV demo video displays will do for you:

  • Generate interest and excitement while customers are in your remote showroom
  • Provide customers useful information instantly, compelling them to buy your product
  • Replace outdated signage methods, therefore saving printing expense
  • And now with our video technology your display will come alive!