Image and video slideshows using flatscreen TVs

Image and video slideshows using flatscreen TVs

In the past we have seen posters, big displays and other forms of advertising used by businesses, but today’s technology is making it easier to use. We have entered the era of digital displays. They are popping up everywhere we spend money. Big box stores are using them, restaurants are using them, auto dealerships, doctors offices … the list goes on.

Until now digital display technology has been used mainly by big brands due to the costs that are involved. Typically, digital displays are costly and complicated, requiring third party involvement to set up and manage. But not anymore. Recastio does not require 3rd party involment. We work directly with our clients and content management has never been easier. The client controls what is displayed.

Image and video slideshows using flatscreen TVs

Recastio delivers image and video slideshows to flatscreen TVs. We work with companies in healthcare, manufacturing, dealer showrooms, churches, and those who have lobbies. Recastio helps it's customer create images, upload to the cloud and display on flatscreen TVs.

What makes us different?

  • Easy to use - we built Recastio with our customers in mind.
  • Get your slideshow online today - Our software is an app using the Amazon Firestick, which is available at Target and Walmart stores or online.
  • No Wires - Recastio is wireless and runs on your wifi.
  • Recastio has an optional QR code to keep your users engaged.
  • Every slide you create has a mobile webpage created along with it. The scanned QR code sends your visitors to your mobile webpage. You have the option to display a QR code on your screen or not. Our unique analytics will track the pageviews of your mobile page visits and displays the information in your control panel.

    Our purpose is to help companies comminicate through their TV. Our unique QR code feature delivers that message to cell phones when scanned. Wheather the TV is in the lobby of a business, or in the employee lounge, Recastio makes it easy to communicate your custom message.

    TV Digital Displays For Senior Living Healthcare Facilities

    How about a image player that promotes YOU!

    Your logo here! We have the option to add your logo to the bottom of our player. Once you place your order for Recastio, we will have you email us your logo. We will create it to fit in our player. It's that easy!

    How Recastio Works

    Digital Display Software using an Amazon Firestick

    Build Your Slide

    With Recastio's How-to tutorials and integraded slide builder, create the perfect message for your clients. Select the optional slide scheduler to display at the time you'd like.

    Digital Display Software using an Amazon Firestick

    Click Save

    By clicking on the save button after you build your slide, our system uploads your image or video to the cloud.

    Digital Display Software using an Amazon Firestick

    Your Slide Displays On Your TV

    Once you download and set up the Recastio app from the Amazon Firestick App Store, your TV will be connected to your account. So the images or videos you uploaded from will display on your TV.