Information TV Digital Displays For Senior Living Facilities

Recastio is the software that enables you to make the TV at your Long Term Care Center into a digital display. Long Term Care TV Displays : Nursing homes and assisted living facilities must comply with endless government requirements, even when and how they communicate with their residents. For instance, they must publicly post the month's Activities Department schedule. This may sound simple but creating paper displays consumes valuable staff time, supplies and more. Recastio is an easy way to get your information on a wireless digital display through a flatscreen TV. There is no need to rewire the walls. All you need is an Amazon Fire Stick, wifi, and a TV.

Information TV Digital Displays For Senior Living Facilities

Examples Of Information TV Digital Displays For Senior Living Healthcare Facilities

Using Recastio in your senior living healthcare facilities will make it easier to communicate to your residents, familiy members and staff. From displaying menus, daily activities, current weather and safety reminders, Recastio makes it easier and professional. We have instructions on building slides from within Recastio's tutorial section.

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  • Build slides in advance and display them on the correct day using our built in scheduler
  • Qr codes keep your staff aware of the inservice dates and times.
  • Share the QR code pages through a simple copy and paste, on every page.
TV Slideshow for Senior Living Facilities

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