Self Guided Tour Software With Audio

With our Guided Tour Software, your visitors can scan a QR code, get an image, description and now an audio file, right on their mobile device. The Recastio platform not only displays information from the cloud to a flatscreen tv wirelessly, we also have the ability for you to create a Self Guided Tour with a mobile webpage and audio file for your visitors to use. Our Self Guided Tour Software With Audio builds a mobile webpage and also the webpage linked QR Code, just after a few boxes are filled in with text, picture and optional audio file,, your page is built. You can also download a high resolution QR Code image to be used on signs or placards.

Recastio now offers touch free Guided Tour Software for your self guided walking tour. Your guests simply scan the QR code on the TV screen or nearby sign and the contents of the mobile webpage will appear on their phone and an audio presentation on-demand.

  • It is asy to use and setup
  • It provides customers useful information instantly.
  • It's Touchfree!
  • Audio Playback enables your visitor to listen about your exhibit
  • Our system creates hi-res QR codes for printing
  • Two packages available depending on your walk-through traffic

Self Guided Tour Software With Audio | Self Guided Walking Tour Software

Self Guided Walking Tour Software

Our self guided walking tour software has endless uses. Other than the obvious utility it offers in an exhibition setting such as a museum or hall of fame, it can also be used in a number of other settings to inform and assist visitors. Our Guided Tour Software could be used as an integral element for navigating College campuses, hospital corridors, office buildings and more.

Because we use QR code technology, the software can be used with or without a TV. In outdoor settings such as historical tours, nature walks, zoos, etc., with our hi-resolution imagem the QR code can be displayed at points of interest on weatherproof signage. When the QR code is scanned, the contents of the mobile website will appear on the visitor’s phone and the on-demand audio is available. Our Self Guided Walking Tour Software is touchless and touch-free!