Self Guided Tour Software with Audio

On April 1st, we'll be introducing a rebranded version of our guided tour software along with exciting new features. Among them is the incorporation of AI technology to assist with creating itinerary stops at your chosen adventure destination. Additionally, we'll be integrating Google Maps into our software, allowing travelers to easily view their next destination and the complete route of their tour.

With our Self-Guided Tour Software with Audio, your visitors can easily access an image and listen to an audio description by scanning a QR code directly on their smartphones. Our Self-Guided Audio Tour Software is a modern way to link visitors to fascinating sites in a city or area of interest. Self-walking tours provide a flexible way to explore and discover an area at one's own pace. Our software enables businesses to design custom walking tours that highlight the unique features of their city or display. With ease, businesses can create tours featuring descriptions, photos, and audio for each site. The Self-Guided Walking Tour Software is an effective tool for promoting the area and boosting tourism, while also allowing visitors to explore and learn about new areas on their own terms. Visitors can access images and audio descriptions directly on their smartphones by scanning a QR code. No app is needed to be downloaded by your customer.

Recastio now provides a touch-free Self-Guided Tour Software with Audio Tour for your self-walking tours. Your visitors can effortlessly scan the QR code on signs or brochures you create, and the mobile web page will appear on their phones, complete with an audio presentation on demand. Our user admin includes a counter to track the number of scans per day or month. Additionally, you have the option to display an advertisement at the bottom of the mobile web page, which you can sell to local businesses to offset costs. The image is clickable with a link to the advertiser's website, giving you full control over the ad space.

  • Visitors can use our system without the need for an app.
  • It's easy to use and set up.
  • Our system provides customers with instant access to useful information.
  • Our system is touch-free.
  • Audio playback allows visitors to listen and learn about your exhibit.
  • Hi-res QR codes are generated for printing by our system.
  • You can help offset the cost by selling ad space at the bottom of your exhibit mobile pages.

Self Guided Walking Tour Software

Our Self-Guided Walking Tour Software is versatile and has multiple applications. It's not limited to exhibitions such as museums or halls of fame, but can also be utilized in various settings to educate and guide visitors. Our software can be integrated into college campuses, hospital buildings, office complexes, and other locations. Using our Self-Guided Audio Tour Software, visitors can simply scan a QR code to access an image and listen to an audio description on their smartphones.

Self Guided Tour Software With Audio | Self Guided Walking Tour Software

How can we pay for it?

Our solutions is based on how many visitors you have coming through your guided tour. You'll also have the option to showcase an advertisement at the bottom of mobile web pages by scanning the generated QR code. this could be a local restaurant or discount at your gift shop. You are able to also add a link to the restaurant or not add one. You have full control over the content of your ad and you can set your own ad pricing to cover expenses. Each stop will have it's own ad. We do not take a portion of your ad profits, as our only aim is to see you continue using our platform.