How Recastio Works

Get Your Recastio Digital Display Setup Within Minutes!

On, click the pricing page (in the top menu) and select the service that's right for you. Use your own flatscreen TV and mount it anywhere so you can plug it in. Our software is wireless and runs through the Amazon Firestick, which are available as an add-on in our order process or at Walmart or Target. They are readily available.

After setting up your Amazon Firestick, Go to the search bar in the upper left corner of Amazon's home screen on your TV. Do a search for Recastio and Download our app. In the email we sent you (after buying our service) you will find a subscription code. Type that code onto your TV screen when it asks. If you have a firestick installed, this process will take less than 5 minutes. The email is auto-generated and your account is setup within minutes. Once you add the code to your screen, your TV and account is ready to go.

Log into your account at Create or upload the slide you want displayed and click SAVE. Our system is secure from your network because there is never information passed back to your computer. Everything is stored on the cloud and the Amazon Firestick then retrieves the files from the cloud. We also have an photoeditor with background images for you to use. New tutorials walk you through the process... and as always, we're here to help.